John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Senate GOP Amendments Show Democrats True Hand in Health Care Bill

How can Dems say there won't be cuts or rationing in health care if they vote against amendments specifically addressing those and other issues?

Just as Democrat party line votes against GOP amendments in House Committees drafting health care legislation gave the lie to Obama's claim that abortions and illegal aliens wouldn't' be covered the same is true in the Senate. This week, the Senate Finance Committee is drafting the Senate's version of Obama Care. Once again Republicans on the committee offered a series of amendments which would have made Democrats live up to their promises. They were rejected on party line votes:

Rejected: Amendment To Preserve Seniors’ Medicare Advantage Plans

HATCH AMENDMENT: “This Amendment Would Strike The Medicare Advantage Provisions Of The Chairman’s Mark If CBO Certifies That Beneficiaries Currently Participating In The Medicare Advantage Program Will Lose Plan Benefits.

Rejected: Amendment To Provide Legislative Language And Price Tag Before Voting

BUNNING AMENDMENT: “This Amendment Requires That Before The Finance Committee Can Vote On Final Passage Of ‘America’s Healthy Future Act Of 2009,’ The Legislative Language Must Be Publically Available On The Finance Committee’s Website For At Least 72 Hours.”

Rejected: Amendment To Stop “Gag Order”

The Health and Human Services Dept. has issued a gag order to insurance companies with medicare customers prohibiting them from any communication with their customers not approved by the Democrats who control HHS.

Rejected: Amendment Prohibiting A Federal Rationing Board

KYL AMENDMENT: “The amendment would strike the following language from the Medicare Commission in subtitle E of Title III: ‘By April 1, 2014, the Senate Finance Committee, along with the relevant House committees, would be required to report out either the Commission’s (or Secretary’s) proposal or an amended proposal that achieves the same level of reductions in excess cost growth.’”

Ruled Out Of Order: Medical Liability Reform Amendments

ENSIGN AMENDMENT: “The amendment will insert language in Title III, Subtitle H of the Chairman‘s Mark to improve patient access to health care services and provide improved medical care by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the health care delivery system.”

CORNYN AMENDMENT: “Any state receiving funding under Medicaid shall enact a limit on total noneconomic damages against doctors and health care facilities of one million dollars or less.”

KYL AMENDMENT: “This amendment would limit noneconomic damages in a civil medical liability lawsuit to $250,000 from any provider or health care institution, not to exceed $500,000 from all providers and health care institutions. It would also make each party liable only for the amount of damages directly proportional to such party's percentage of responsibility.”

More News from the Hearings:

-CBO: “Legislation Would Raise Insurance Premiums”
-“Approximately Half” Of Medicare Advantage Benefits Will Be Cut
-Business Tax “Largely Falling On The Consumer”
-“Some People” With “Incomes Less Than $200,000” “Would Be Subject To The Penalty Excise Tax”
-Over $130,000,000,000 In Cuts To Medicare Advantage
-Nearly $120,000,000,000 In Medicare Cuts For Hospitals That Care For Seniors
-More Than $40,000,000,000 Cut From Home Health Agencies
-Nearly $8,000,000,000 Cut From Hospices

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So much for Obama's promises that if you like your plan you can keep it or that you won't pay more in taxes and no cuts in Medicare.

OBAMA: "Don't pay attention to those scary stories. I will protect Medicare."

When it comes to lying about health care, Obama and the Democrats have no shame!

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