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John Bolton

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

"They Can't Stop Us!" Obama Makes Disgusting Partisan Attack in Minnesota Speech Saturday!

Is this the same man who promised a new era of bipartisanship and working with both sides to solve problems?

That was just another of his LIES!

On a day when hundreds of thousands of citizens gathered in Washington, DC to demand their voices be heard, Obama was in Minnesota. The first 48 seconds are all you need to hear:

OBAMA: "They can't stop us."

Who is "they?" Seems to me his biggest obstacle in his overreaching bid for a government takeover of health care are members of his own party!

This speech is another demonstration of the real Barack Hussein Obama. A hardcore liberal who refuses to compromise and can't break away from campaign mode.

If the man had spent HALF the time he has in campaign mode by instead working with Republicans , he might have a health care bill by now. But it seems that attack mode is all the man knows.

A perpetual partisan campaign is not the way to provide presidential leadership on the really big and important issues. Obama's arrogant attack campaign will only generate more negativity towards his Administration from Independents and Republicans alike.

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