John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Unemployment Skyrockets Again in August to 9.7%

Remember last month with an unexpected drop to 9.4% Obama claimed his stimulus plan had saved us from "catastrophe?" Ooops! Spoke too soon!

Here's the headline from August:

Obama: We Saved Economy From 'Catastrophe'
It's The First Drop In Unemployment Since Last Year; Strong Sign Recession Is Ending
CBS News
Aug 7, 2009

President Barack Obama is welcoming an improved national employment report, saying his administration has "rescued our economy from catastrophe."

In an appearance on the White House Rose Garden, Obama applauded a Labor Department report earlier Friday saying that the jobless rate declined to 9.4 percent from 9.5 percent a month earlier.
President Obama welcomed the news, saying the numbers indicate "the worst may be behind us" in a recession well into its second year.

"Today, we're pointed in the right direction," he said in remarks in the White House Rose Garden.
And where is Obama when the news broke that unemployment had hit a 26 year high at 9.7%? In seclusion at Camp David. The best the administration could do was send out Bumbling Joe Biden to try once again to insist that the stimulus which they promised would save millions of jobs and keep unemployment below 8% is working.

Michael Steele Getting It Right... For Once!

Remember how GOP Chairman Michael Steele criticized radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for saying he wanted Obama to fail in his plans for a big government takeover? Well, looks like Chairman Steele has finally come around to seeing it our way:

"The Democrats' rhetoric on their economic experiment doesn't match with the reality of millions of Americans remaining unemployed," said Republican Party chief Michael Steele. "The stimulus was an economic experiment that failed Americans."
It looks as if Chairman Steele has finally realized that the people who hate the GOP won't vote for us no matter how much he tries to appease them. Good for him.

The GOP has doubled down on that line about Obama's failed experiment with this ad:

Obama's failed experiment and millions are paying the price. Should we give the Dems another chance with health care?

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