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John Bolton

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Violence and Mayhem in Obama's America

Where's Nancy Pelosi when left wing anarchists go out of control?

Remember when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Town Hall attendees protesting Obama's socialist takeover of health care "un-American?" Later, she tearfully suggested she feared the protests would lead to violence.

Where is Nancy as hundreds of left wing anarchists (how many of them voted for Obama?) wreak havoc on the streets of Pittsburgh as the G-20 summit of world leaders gets underway?

You didn't see anything like this during the 9/12 March on Washington where hundreds of thousands of Americans peacefully assembled and cleaned up after themselves!

This is Obama's America:

No McCain-Palin voters here!

You didn't see scenes like this when Americans protested the socialist takeover of health care and there were no arrests. And following this melee we haven't heard one word of condemnation from Nancy Pelosi!

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