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Thursday, September 10, 2009

When Will Democrats Apologize to Americans for Lies and Insults?

Sent as a letter to the editor of my local newspaper in Joe Wilson's Congressional District:

Congressman Joe Wilson, (R-SC) has apologized for calling President Obama a liar during his speech to Congress. We're still waiting for Democrats to apologize for that and much worse.

Readers may recall that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called President Bush a "liar" and steadfastly refused to apologize. This is the same Senator Reid who more recently said that people who disagree with the Dems health care plans are "evilmongers." No apology has been forthcoming.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer wrote an op-ed calling health care opponents "un-American" they didn't apologize.

And President Obama, who described fellow citizens with profoundly different views on the subject of health care as "bearing false witness," has never apologized.

We are still waiting for Dems who booed President Bush at the State of the Union Address in 2005 to apologize.

One would hope that the example of Joe Wilson apologizing for a momentary outburst would inspire Democrats to follow his example. Yet, in the cases cited above Democrats mostly spoke from prepared and well considered remarks and have never apologized.

Joe Wilson's understandable reaction was a reflection of the thoughts of millions of Americans who have been insulted and had their voices on important issues denigrated by Democrats who have no qualms at all about poisoning the well of polite political discourse when it suits their needs.

These Dems have some nerve now complaining about how bad the water in that well tastes!

Besides, Joe Wilson was right. The Congressional Research Service report on the House bill shows plenty of room to cover illegal aliens under the proposed legislation. Why else would House Democrats vote against a GOP amendment which directly addressed the issue?

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