John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, September 11, 2009

World's Oldest Obama Voter Dies at 115

She never would have made it that far if Obama's death panels were in place!


In this April 6, 2009 file photo Guinness World Records' gerontology consultant Robert Young, left, presents Gertrude Baines with a certificate naming her the world's oldest person living, as she celebrates her 115th birthday at the Western Convalescent Hospital in Los Angeles. Baines died in a Los Angeles hospital Sept. 11, 2009 said Dr. Charles Witt.

Baines celebrated her birthday at the nursing home April 6 with music, two cakes and a letter from President Barack Obama, whom she voted for in November.

Featured on local television newscasts when she cast her ballot, Baines, who is black, said she backed him "because he's for the colored." She said she never thought she would live to see a black man become president.

"We were hoping to have her until the next election," Exconde said. "We'll miss her."

You mean to tell me that America's racist health care system took care of a black maid for decades without dumping her? SHOCKING! Who knew?

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