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John Bolton

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Earliest Snow Day in Idaho History

Whatever happened to all those dire predictions of global warming?


Backyard in Idaho, October 6, 2009

From KTVB: This may be one for the record books, not only how early this heavy fall snowstorm is, but the fact that it appears to have created the earliest snow day in the history of the Blaine County School District.
Meanwhile, skiing is now open in Loveland, Colorado; the earliest opening day in 40 years. Across the entire nation, the Farmer's Almanac (right 80% of the time) predicts one of the coldest winters in years. Here in hurricane country with less than 7 weeks to go the 2009 season it has been the quietest in decades. Not one named storm has touched the United States. Even the polar ice caps are returning to previous levels.

All that global warming hysteria about melting ice caps, monster hurricanes and burning high temperatures. All those lies. All for what? So politicians could soak the taxpayers into coughing up hundreds of billions more to fund the socialist superstate.

No thanks! We don't need it!

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