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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Premiering Tonight: Not Evil, Just Wrong

Will the media which has spent days investigating the Balloon Boy story spend even five minutes investigating Al Gore's global warming fraud?

What's more important? An egomaniac father that exploits his children for fame or a former Vice President who frightens the world with the specter of destruction while raking in the money?

Tonight, a documentary critical of Al Gore's fraud premiers. Here's the trailer:

But unlike Al Gore's film, which was required viewing for school children in this country and others, don't expect "Not Evil Just Wrong" to be appearing in public schools or in a theater near you. (You might consider giving the DVD as a Christmas gift to a child on your list).

The collective liberal establishment, which includes education, entertainment and the news media have decided that any views contrary to theirs, especially on global warming, must either be ignored, attacked or shunned. If Al Gore was black, they'd call the filmmakers racist.

Readers may recall that Phelim McAleer, the director of "Not Evil Just Wrong" was the only one who posed a difficult question to the Goreacle recently in Wisconsin at a conference of environmental journalists (otherwise known as Democrats).

Gore WRONG About Hurricanes!


Those of us who live in Hurricane Alley along the Atlantic coast (a few hundred yards from my house) take hurricanes seriously. So, when Al Gore rode the back of hurricane hysteria following the Katrina disaster in 2005 claiming more and worse were on the way people took notice.

Just one problem: since Katrina, hurricanes have been less frequent and less intense. Not more so as Gore claimed. And thus far, the 2009 season is the quietest of the 21st Century and ranks as one of the quietest in decades.

That's just one of many examples of where Gore was WRONG! And it's all the more reason he should be held to account for the massive fraud by which he stands to profit.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the "news" media asked Al Gore questions that were just as tough as those directed at the father of Balloon Boy?

UPDATE: A Quick Review of the Film.

I was able to catch only about 45 minutes of the film via a livestream and was struck by this: Unlike The Great Global Warming Swindle (video here) Not Evil Just Wrong focused much more on the human dimension which includes the cost to society that will be exacted by following the radical changes in the way we live dictated by Al Gore and friends. As an example the filmmakers offered us the case of Africans whose children die by the millions of malaria because environmentalists convinced them to ban DDT for mosquitoe control. Even when the World Health Organization, a U.N. body, concluded that there was no reason not to use DDT for malaria control, the enviros demanded we let poor black children die instead.

Global warming zealots want to impose the same flawed reasoning on the rest of us in the name of their goddless religion which worships environmental extremism.

Actually, after considering these facts, I have to conclude that the people who push this damaging and deadly environmental extremism are both EVIL and WRONG as well as stupid!

Not Just Evil But Wrong is a must view for anyone who wants to be truly informed on this critical issue.

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