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Friday, October 16, 2009

Why Glenn Beck is a Threat to Obama

Truth hurts!

Want to know whey Glenn Beck's show on Fox News is such a mega hit? Want to know why the Obama Administration and their acolytes have declared him public enemy number 2 (Rush is #1)?

Watch the first part of Glenn's show on Friday.

Obama promised that the negotiations on health care reform would gather doctors and other interested parties around a table and be broadcast live on C-Span. Instead we had a photo op where the union docs from SEIU had to be handed lab coats to wear for Obama's speech in the Rose Garden. The docs were nothing but props. Obama did all the talking.

Glenn Beck's Friday show invited doctors from both sides to SPEAK and voice their own opinions. There was more diversity of opinion than all the spin we've seen from Obama who falsely claims doctors support his "reforms."

Here's part one:

Pay special attention to the Med Student who questions an experienced practitioner: how do you know it will be worse under ObamaCare? DUH! EXPERIENCE!

Want to see the whole show? Check later for new video postings or DVR the show's repeat later in your time zone.

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