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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things to Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

As you gather with family and friends for a day of Thanksgiving, consider how very fortunate we are:

  • To live in a nation where despite floods and drought, fire and freezes our farmers can produce enough bounty to feed not just ourselves but much of the world.
  • How thankful we are for the beginning of the conservative comeback we saw in elections this year and how that gives us the determination to greater victories in 2010.
  • So very thankful that we live in a nation which STILL is the beacon of hope and freedom to so many billions around the world.

And to keep our nation strong and free, let's not forget the lesson of the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims nearly starved by following a socialist/collective model of governance and only began to thrive when they fully respected the property rights of individuals.

Thankful Also for Troops Serving Overseas

Still, as American families gather around the table there will be some empty seats. Our troops in Iraq who have won "Bush's war" and our troops in Afghanistan who have waited months now for reinforcements in "Obama's war" will not be with us at home. Remember them today and all days until they are "Homeward Bound:"

A Personal Thanksgiving

Lastly, I remain thankful for you dear reader. Your company over these many months of debate, loss and victory are sustaining. And thankful too am I for our liberal friends who comment here. They remind us daily how vigilant we must be to protect and defend our great American traditions lest they slip beneath the waves of socialism which swirl around us. Besides that, the libs are always good for a laugh!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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