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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tropical Depression Ida Brings Much Needed Rain & Casts Further Shame on Global Warming Alarmists

The 2009 hurricane season is another in a line of record low hurricane years!

What's left of Tropical Depression Ida is passing overhead as I write. With barely a breeze but some much needed rain she is a welcome end to the 2009 hurricane season. A year which set a record as the quietest season since 1997. Not one hurricane made landfall in the United States and very few storms even reached hurricane strength. The total accumulated energy of all tropical storms remains near historic lows despite a modest warming trend in ocean waters which is now declining.

And yet the scaremongers continue to warn of more and bigger storms. Al Gore even uses another hurricane graphic , as he did in his propaganda film, An Inconvenient Truth, to sell yet another book on the subject (see right).

PhotobucketYou would think these warming nuts would be too ashamed to show their face in public. Especially as a recent Pew Research opinion poll shows more and more Americans are not buying into the hysteria.

Follow the Money

But Gore and his nuts have a lot riding on the outcome of a successful scare campaign designed to force radical changes in the lifestyle of every American and cost trillions of dollars. Gore himself stands to become the first "carbon billionaire" based largely on profits from climate change grants made by the Federal government to firms Gore has a financial stake in. And let's not forget the big investment firm Goldman Sachs whose top brokers contributed heavily to Obama's campaign. They stand to rake in billions for handling unnecessary carbon credits trading. Then, there's General Electric, whose CEO has close ties to Obama. G.E. stands to rake in billions if Cap and Trade legislation passes Congress.

Resources for an Educated Public

As the climate change debate (yes, it IS STILL A DEBATE) enters it's final phase and one that will be painful for many a warming believe, we have to stay more informed than ever before on the issue. And as always, I'm here to help.

Need a short (under two minutes) update on the lack of any correlation between CO2 and climate change? Our Australian friends do it well:

Want to know more about climate change than Al Gore? See the lecture by Lord Christopher Monckton and you'll soon understand why Gore refuses to debate Monckton:

Monckton's slide presentation is here and his five page synopsis is here.

Climate Chains:

Climate Chains from Climate Chains on Vimeo.

Let's not forget the classic "The Great Global Warming Swindle."

Want to add a climate change update to your blog? Follow the link:

Click to get your own widget

There is a change going on. It's the change that comes when people finally wake up and realize they've been hoodwinked on this issue by Democrats with their hands in our pockets!

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