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John Bolton

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Unemployment Hits Record High

10.2% in October!

Remember that Obama claimed the stimulus bill would save or create millions of jobs. It didn't. Remember that the Obama Administration said that the stimulus bill would keep unemployment from rising above 8% and that the bill was too important to take the time to read it? Remember that after a slight dip in unemployment in August Obama claimed that he had "rescued our economy from catastrophe?"

Well now reality is starting to set in. As Obama's chief White House economist testified before Congress last month the stimulus that was to be the cornerstone of Obama's economic recovery and jobs plan is a bust. A $trillion in new spending that will take a lifetime to pay off and nothing to show for it. It really is, as the Congressional Budget Office warned before the stimulus bill was signed, "worse than doing nothing!"

Opinion polls suggest that more and more voters are blaming Obama, not Bush, for the bad economy. That message was confirmed on Tuesday with voters in New Jersey and Virginia putting the economy and jobs at the top of their list of concerns while voting overwhelmingly for Republican candidates in the big races.

With unemployment expected to remain high, directly due to Obama's policies which DISCOURAGE job growth, it's likely that voters will be looking for a different kind of hope and change a year from now and also in 2012!

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