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John Bolton

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Subzero Cold Killing People in Europe

And some global warming loon wants to make it colder?

Seventy-nine people have frozen to death in Poland since the start of a late fall/early winter cold snap. It's a story that has been repeated throughout much of Europe.

And yet, we still have nuts running around demanding we do something to stop global warming! Take this guy for instance. Nathan Myhrvo wants to use high altitude balloons with hoses attached to pump sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere where the particles would reflect sunlight and cool the earth is the same way volcanoes do.

I guess this nut forgot that manmade release of sulfur dioxide from coal plants was thought to be responsible for acid rain, the big environmental scare in the 1990's.

People are dying from cold and some loon wants to tamper with the earth's atmosphere and make it colder? How stupid are these people?

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