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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome to Obamaville: A Tent City for Homeless in Colorado

Don't expect to see this story reported in the "news" media either!

As Powers That Be points out: "During the depression, people referred to homeless camps as 'Hoovervilles.'Colorado now has it’s own modern-day version — 'Obamaville.'"


Where is their stimulus? Where is their hope and change?

KRDO:COLORADO SPRINGS - Someone has put a lot of thought into a welcome sign that may surprise you, it's in front of a homeless camp and if you drive up the Cimarron Street on ramp to I-25 - you won't miss it.

Its message, "Welcome to Obamaville, Colorado's fastest growing community."

The sign was later taken down. No doubt after angry Obamatons threatened similar violence from union thugs as that they directed at Tea Partiers this summer.

On a lighter note, some tea party types whipped up this little ditty earlier in the year. It fits this post perfectly:

With Obama and the Democrats in charge it won't be long before we're all living in the poorhouse!

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