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Friday, January 01, 2010

The Best and the Worst of 2009: Part I

Thank God 2010 is here! But there were some good moments in 2009!

2009 was a difficult year for many on the right. The year started as the country was still buying the Hope and Change snake oil. It wasn't until we neared the end of the year that voters realized they made a mistake and instead got "hoax and chains."

The single greatest thing to happen during this year occurred over many months and often in slow motion. There's one graphic which captures this greatest event of 2009 perfectly:


Throughout the year we watched as Obama's popularity declined and wondered when the lines of those strongly disapproving and the remaining strongly approving would cross. That day came in mid June at the same time that a new Gallup poll showed a sharp upswing in the number of people describing themselves as conservative.

So much happened over this year to unmask the deceiver Obama. It's worth looking back on some of the best and worst highlights:

I Miss Bush

When 2009 began President Bush was still in the White House. It was a sad time as his Administration packed up and prepared to hand over power to the untested and inexperienced Obama. But Bush went out on many high notes of grace and class despite the incessant "Blame Bush" mantra emanating from his successor. The Bush Thankathon, a cooperative blogging project which continues to this day documented some of the great moments of the Bush Presidency. Head on over to that link and take a walk down memory lane and compare and contrast with the current occupant of the White House.

As we also wave goodbye to the decade that saw so much war and strife, think back for a moment when we were united in resolve to defeat terrorism led by a man who became a great leader after the sad events of September 11th:

The legacy of the Bush presidency will be the thousands of lives he saved. So many Americans are alive today because of the decisive actions taken by President Bush!

Obama's Big Sham Show

Obama's Inauguration as the nation's president promised to be a "green inaugural." Instead it turned into an orgy of extravagance and litter. His supporters partied in the most expensive inaugural celebrations on record as the nation faced rising unemployment and they left the mess for someone else to clean up. In that regard, it was a perfect metaphor for Obama's first year in office.

Obama's "green" inaugural turned the National Mall into a waste dump!

Two other recurring themes that we would touch on throughout the year with both coming to a head in a major way first started in January 2009:

--The report which showed that data from the Antarctic to support the man made global warming lie was faked. Many of the same "scientists" caught in the later Climategate scandal were involved.

--How many votes can $1.2 Trillion buy? That was the headline as House Democrats passed the mammoth pork laden "stimulus" bill which turned out to be the biggest failure of all time. But those big spenders in Congress wouldn't stop there and the same vote buying technique would be used again with health care "reform." Another interesting point was the solid GOP opposition to this failed bill. Solid GOP opposition to Obama's socialist makeovers is one of the brightest spots in 2009.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Shows a Spine!

As a South Carolina conservative I often take exception to what my state's senior senator says and does. Not this time. This clip from February is a high mark in Graham's Senate career and one which accurately foretells the kind of partisan shenanigans that Democrats led by the "post partisan" Obama would engage in time and time again.

Looking Ahead to 2010 With Mike's Blueprint for Conservative Victory.

Another common theme throughout the year would be how to build and implement an effective strategy to begin taking back America in the critical 2010 congressional elections. When Michael Steele was elected Chairman of the GOP early in the year he solicited ideas for how to bring the party back. My first contribution to this effort was a call to increase the use of new media, such as blogging, to build a greater sense of community and commitment. We saw some success on this front but there is still a ways to go and time is running short.

And while we need action at the top, we can't win without all hands on board. A blueprint for victory won't get us anywhere without troops on the field every day. With that in mind, the first post on how YOU can make a difference in 2010. For Heaven's sake write those letters, go to those tea parties and give money to fund the conservative comeback!

Another item for the Worst category: Obama dissing our allies and apologizing to our enemies!

Funny how so many common themes throughout the year first gained hold in the first weeks of the Obama Administration. In February Obama dissed the British, our closest ally, it was only a foretaste of what was to come. By the end of the year he had snubbed the French and the Germans too! All the while he was apologizing to America's enemies.

And when Obama wasn't busy snubbing our allies, he and Michelle behaved like low rent tourists at Buckingham Palace where Obama bowed to the Saudi King and Michelle touched the Queen.

On the Lighter Side: Was this Greenhouse Gas Taxed?
At a city council meeting in Medina Ohio in March:

Obama: The Politics of "attack" from a post partisan President?

The man who campaigned as a "post partisan" president who would put the old Washington ways behind him soon was revealed as nothing more than the worst kind of Chicago politician. In mid March this became clear as Obama moved to attack Rush Limbaugh and anyone else who dared to criticize him. I asked "Is Obama the New Nixon?" Later, the scapegoat for his failure would become Fox News.

The Teleprompter President

March also saw this video hit from Mike's America:

The teleprompter jokes inspired one blogger to invent a new Presidential Seal.

Another Mike's America video favorite from March was Obama's "Punch Drunk" performance on 60 Minutes. Creepy!

GOP Steps Up the Fight

In March the GOP began producing a series of new ads and messages that reminded voters of promises Democrats made and the results that ensued. Many of these will be outdated by 2010, but something tells me the graphic below will be a keeper:

Tea Party Time!

The Tea Parties were the first sign of life in an otherwise depressing early 2009. Rick Santelli's rant on the floor of the Chicago Exchange launched a massive nationwide movement which continues to grow.

I went to my first tea party in Bluffton, SC on April 1st:

Obama's Broken Promises Litter 2009 More than His Inaugural Parade Did Penn. Ave!

Another common theme throughout the year were the campaign promises made by Barack Hussein Obama that were conveniently discarded the minute he took office. One of the biggest was Obama's "firm pledge" not to raise "a dime" of "any of your taxes" if you make less than $250,000 a year. He dismissed Republican claims to the contrary during the election as lies.

So when he raised tobacco taxes that most greatly impact poor black smokers, it must have come as quite a shock to the hope and change chain gangs. But Obama was just getting warmed up. Wait until the poor and middle class see all the new taxes they too will pay when health care "reform" becomes law.

A Lighter Note with Susan Boyle

One of the best "feel good" stories of the year came when dowdy Susan Boyle captured the hearts of people the world over in her performance for Britain's Got Talent.

Dick Cheney Provides the Antidote to Obama

In April, former Vice President Dick Cheney surfaced as the voice of reason warning of the radical policies emanating from Obama White House. Cheney's presence served as a reminder of what it was like when adults were in charge. His in depth interview with Sean Hannity was a precursor to a high profile speech Cheney delivered in May on the topic of national security. Obama was so threatened by Cheney's speech that he scheduled a big speech of his own standing in front of the Constitution at the National Archives on the same morning. Guess whose speech had more substance?

100 Days of Disappointment, Double Talk and Deception

We close the first part of our look back at 2009 with the review of the first 100 days of the Obama presidency. The list of 100 points closed with the video of Peggy Joseph who said if Obama is elected "I won't have to put gas in my car, I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage."

How'd that work out for you Peggy? Still waiting for hope and change?

Stay Tuned for Part II of the Best and Worst of 2009!

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