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John Bolton

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Blue State Turns BROWN!!!


Brown: 52%
Coakley 47%

The Second American Revolution: The SCOTT Heard Round the World!

Scottie Beam me up!

Scott Brown was 10 years old the last time a Republican was elected Senator from Massachusetts. Tonight, the bluest of blue states turned BROWN with the landslide election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate!

It's impossible to overstate the magnitude of what happened in Massachusetts. Consider that now health care may likely be defeated by the replacement for Senator Kennedy who made it his life's ambition to pass such a bill. But larger than the health care bill is the referendum on the presidency and leadership of Barack Hussein Obama (mmm...mmm..mmm) who campaigned for Brown's opponent just two days ago and put the full financial resources of the national Democrat Party behind Coakley in the final days.

The Big Story: A Rejection of Obama!

As we dig deeper into the numbers, it may soon become clear that the voters who put Brown over the top by this huge margin were disaffected Democrats and Independents who voted for Obama little more than a year ago.

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