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Thursday, January 07, 2010

CNN's Cafferty, Obama's Pledge for Openess "Just Another Lie... to Get Elected"

Even the so-called "Mainstream" media is starting to get it!

Earlier this week I posted on the request by C-Span that Obama fulfill his campaign pledge and allow at least the final negotiations on health care to be done in public on C-Span. Fox News has been covering this story. Now it seems the other guys are playing catch up.

Even CBS put the story on their nightly newscast with a story titled: "Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency."

White House Stonewalling On Obama's Broken Promise

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Byron York runs down the questions reporters have been asking the hapless Robert Gibbs at the daily White House press briefing. Does Gibbs really think that lying and waffling to reporters is a good idea?

Gibbs never "answered this yesterday." Here's the relevant video excerpt from that briefing. He dismissed the question because he said he had not read the letter from C-Span CEO Brian Lamb. But of course that's a dodge, not an answer.

C-Span Feels Used

C-Span's CEO, Brian Lamb, discussed the issue on the radio with Bill Press (text, audio):
We were used as kind of a political football during the campaign. We obviously would cover these negotiations. The only time we've been allowed to cover the White House part of it is one hour inside the East Room, which was just a show-horse type of thing...
Even liberal Bill Press thinks this stinks!

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