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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fair and Balanced Election News?

All Cable But Fox News Cuts Brown Victory Speech in Favor of Coakley!

When they say Fox News is fair and balanced they can prove it. Here is a comparison from Johnny Dollar showing the amount of time the cable news networks devoted to covering the Coakely concession speech and the Brown victory speech in last Tuesday's Massachusetts special election:

You would think that considering Brown's amazing win, that his speech would be the greater story. But apparently the news directors at MSNBC and CNN thought that giving the loser more time was newsworthy.

Fox News Record Ratings

Considering how blatant the bias is at the other two news channels it won't surprise anyone to learn that Fox News is #1. But did you know that on Tuesday night the Fox News prime time lineup beat the entire ABC broadcast lineup in ratings? Fox News had three out of the top ten shows. Their ratings might have gone even higher had some viewers not been confused and tuned to NBC's "Biggest Loser" by mistake thinking it was about Martha Coakley.

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