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John Bolton

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama and Dems Out of Step With Nation's Priorities

It's no wonder that Massachusetts voters deserted them!

Look where health care, health insurance and global warming rank on the latest Pew Poll and ask yourself why it is that Obama and the Democrats spent nearly the entire first year of Obama's presidency pushing first cap and trade, then the socialist takeover of health care?

All Obama did to address the public's number one priority, jobs, was to pass a massive pork laden spending bill masquerading as a jobs program. By any measure (keeping unemployment below 8% is what the White House promised) it didn't work.

Public Shifting Away From Obama Agenda

Note how over the past year there has been a marked increase in public concern for terrorism, reducing the budget deficit and strengthening the military. In all these areas Obama has been weak or destructive.

With numbers like these it's not hard to understand why a candidate like Scott Brown, running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, a strong military and no special rights for terrorists, would do well in Massachusetts. The same platform would work in contests nationwide this fall.

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