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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Describes State of the Union Speech Obama SHOULD Give

If Obama is serious about governing from the center, here's what he could say tonight. And it would only take 2 minutes, not the hour Obama will spend preening in front of the Congress and the cameras!
RUSH: So if Obama really is serious, here are some suggestions for a post-Massachusetts, post-New Jersey, post-Virginia "State of Obama" speech. Defund ACORN. Prosecute voter intimidation. Fire all the czars and end the practice of hiring them. Propose a bill that actually cuts spending 2% every year for the next ten years and veto every spending bill until the requested bill is passed. List your proposed cuts to achieve the 2% reduction in spending every year. Across-the-board tax cuts, individual two levels: 10% up to a hundred thousand dollars a year, 25% for over that amount. Corporate tax rate: 15%. Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax, the death tax, and capital gains taxes. Just repeal them. Privatize General Motors and Chrysler, and that includes getting the unions out of ownership. End TARP and the slush fund. Cut off all slush fund and Porkulus spending that has not been spent. Lift all restrictions prevalent interstate health insurance and real tort reform, and endorse Charles Krauthammer's proposal to scrap the current medical malpractice system.

Repeal Executive Order 10988 he will which gives federal workers the right to join unions and bargain collectively. Reserve constitutional rights for Americans: Treat terrorists as enemy combatants and not common criminals and US citizens, and return the right to interrogate those that attack us to the FBI and the CIA. And last, but not least, keep Guantanamo Bay open for business because we're going to need it. It's very simple. Those are my suggestions if you want to fix what Obama's done wrong. I know it's a pipe dream and it isn't gonna happen. Make no mistake. That's just my way of illustrating in another clever way what's wrong with what Obama has done.
Rush's Links:

Rush also posted a number of links that chronicle the Democrat crack up. Key among them was the New Republic article which ponders if tonight is where "Barack Obama faces a moment where his presidency just might collapse."

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IBD: Charlie Cook: Dems' 'Car Wreck In Slow Motion' Continues
The New Republic: Obama in the Balance
FOXNews: Obama's State of the Union Speech Signals Shift From Health Care to Jobs, Education

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