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John Bolton

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alexander M. Haig, Jr. 1924-2010

A Four Star career comes to a close.

Alexander Haig during his time in the Nixon White House circa 1973

Haig died Saturday morning surrounded by his family after complications from an infection. He was 85. It's hard to encapsulate a career as star studded as Haig's.

A graduate of West Point, then Military Aide to Douglas MacArthur in Korea, Awarded Distinguished Service Cross, the US Army's second highest medal for valor in Vietnam, White House Chief of Staff under Richard Nixon, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Four Star General of the Army and First Secretary of State for President Reagan.

Haig was no stranger to controversy. At the center of so many difficult moments like Watergate and the attempted assasination of President Reagan, his actions sometimes drew criticism. James Rosen's report at Fox News traces the life of this great American:

Haig: A Photo Obituary

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