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Friday, February 05, 2010

Obama Admits GOP is NOT the Party of "No"

So why does he ignore GOP ideas?

Prior to last week's meeting in Baltimore at the House GOP retreat, Obama had not met with House Republicans since February of last year. But he claims he know we have ideas...

Mike Pence, Chairman of the House GOP Conference handed President Obama a copy of "Better Solutions" which includes a brief summary of GOP plans for:
  • The GOP Healthcare Alternative provides affordable access to all Americans, instead of mandating a one-size-fits-all health system;
  • The American Energy Act promotes affordable energy, more well-paying jobs, energy independence, and a cleaner environment;
  • The GOP No-Cost Jobs Plan stops wasteful spending and tax hikes, helps small businesses, and removes unnecessary barriers to American energy production.;
  • The GOP Budget controls the national debt, does not raise taxes, and achieves lower deficits than the President's.
So why hasn't Obama urged any of these ideas to be incorporated into bills working their way through the Democrat controlled congress? After all, he was supposed to be the post partisan President. Could it be that he really is a left wing ideologue? The best proof that he is an ideologue is his denial.

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