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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Challenges Conservative Purists & Third Party Malcontents

If they really think we conservatives have done nothing to fight Obama then they need to show us how to do it better!

Great minds really do think alike. For years now I have been remarking on the fact that a certain percentage of people who claim to be conservative do nothing but complain about how our leaders in Washington, and their fellow conservatives are conducting themselves.

They complain we tolerate too many RINOS and that if we really believed in the conservative cause that we would go absolutely nuclear at every single moment in the fight against Obama in particular and liberalism in general.

Many of these people have NEVER been involved in any successful electoral effort to advance the cause. Mostly because there is no candidate with the level of conservative purity they demand. Only they themselves and perhaps one or two family members possess the ideological purity they see lacking in everyone else. But they won't run for office (not that they could get elected dogcather). All they do is damn everyone to hell for not being perfect, like them.

Is Scott Brown a RINO Now?

Rush Limbaugh waded into this swamp on Tuesday in the wake of the news that newly elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) voted with the Democrats on the pared down jobs bill. Did anyone really think that Brown would vote the straight GOP party line 100% of the time? Perhaps some people did. Brown is certainly getting a load of abuse by those who call him a "turncoat" and "Benedict Brown." What total nonsense. This sad episode is the first good news Democrats have had in weeks and that should be a lesson to the complainers.

Rush apparently had his fill:

RUSH: This is the first inning of the first game of the World Series. A year ago, it didn't even look like we had a chance to make the World Series. So here we are in the midst of what anybody with any kind of objective view and a memory of at least one year's worth of history would have to proclaim is an amazing success story.

We all thought that by last August they would have health care. We all thought they'd have cap and trade. We all thought that we were going to be witnessing the actual makeover of this country from capitalist to socialist. And after a year we've held it off, but it's an every day thing. There's no rest. There's no respite from it. Now, if you happen to think a third party is the best way to go, then go out there and form it. You think a third party is needed? You go form it. You people who think everybody sucks, go show us how not to suck! You form a third party! Find your candidate, name your party. Go out there and name your congressional candidates and your Senate candidates. Show me how you're going to put together a third party governing force. Show me. You sit out there and saying everybody else sucks, then you say that I suck because I don't realize everybody else sucks.

Okay. So if you're the only ones that don't suck then you go show us who do suck how not to. Do it! You got all the answers. You're making all the success. You're in such a powerful mode here. I guess you can all call me and write me and tell me what you've done to bring about this massive success in this past year. Yeah, I want to me hear about it. I want to hear about it. I want to hear who your third-party leaders are. Who are you going to run for president in the third party? Who is it? Tell me who it is! "Well, I can't come up with one buh, buh, buh, buh (mumbling)." Well, then why are you so insistent the Republicans name one today? If you can't come up with somebody in a third party, if you've got somebody out there, call and tell me, and we'll discuss it. Ideas, my friends, and not personalities are what matter.
I got the much of the same load of malarkey when I praised GOP Senate leaders for the "masterful" fight they waged in delaying Obama's government takeover of health care. Even without Brown's 41st vote they were able to stall the bill for months while public pressure built. We have yet to win the final battle in that fight but the fact we haven't lost is a monument to our success.

Purist conservative complainers and third party agitators are the best friends Obama and the Democrats ever had. Imagine what we could achieve if they put all that energy they waste complaining into helping to build a winning conservative coalition?

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