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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Saran Palin Fox News Sunday Interview

One of the best Palin interviews!

Chris Wallace did a fantastic job interviewing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. No softballs here and Sarah nailed it.

Note: If you want a hint about whether Sarah plans to run for President someday, see the epilogue of her book. In the final steps of preparing her best selling book, she goes for a "run" (there's a metaphor) and stops to ponder where her life may lead. She thinks of Reagan and how he was said to be washed up after being defeated for the GOP nomination in 1976. She gets back up and continues to run.

On the last page of "Going Rogue" she makes it clear:

I can't help but think of Michigan- the state where I "went rogue" trying to reach out to during the campaign. Some of the people in Michigan are hurting the most right now in our economic downturn.

Michigan is a good example of why we must stand up and not give up! We must fight for reform and fight to reclaim these places suffering under the weight of decades of failed big-government polices that now threaten to overtake us all. We can't abandon Michigan and places like it. We're Americans,. We don't give up on each other.
I've been asked a lot lately, "Where are you going next?" Good question! I'll be heading home to Alaska, of course. Back to that kitchen table. We'll discuss the day's news and the next stop. I always tell my kids that God doesn't drive parked cars, so we'll talk about getting on the next road and gearing up for hard work to travel down it to reach new goals. I'm thinking when I get back I'll bake the kids a cake. And I'll pull out a road map-I want to show Piper the way to Michigan!

Whether it's 2012 or later, I believe she will run for President some day. She's certainly more qualified than the current occupant of that office.

Run Sarah! Run!

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