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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Time for Obama to Stand Up for Human Rights in Venezuela?

Don't hold your breath!

"America must always stand on the side of freedom and human dignity."
--Barack Hussein Obama's State of the Union Address 2010

Prior to that declaration, Obama said:

"That's why we stand with the girl who yearns to go to school in Afghanistan; why we support the human rights of the women marching through the streets of Iran; why we advocate for the young man denied a job by corruption in Guinea."
Going so far as to mention concern for a job applicant denied because of corruption in far off Guinea. But how about a little closer to home? How about standing up for the human rights of Venezuelans who are the target of a continuing campaign of violence against the political opponents of dictator Hugo Chavez?

Wizbang has the story and reminds us of this photo:

Obama greets his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez at
5th Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain April 17, 2009.

Government directed violence has increased this week as tens of thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest the Marxist policies of Hugo Chavez which have destroyed Venezuela's once prosperous economy. Electricity rationing in a country with enormous oil wealth is just the latest sign that Marxism doesn't supply the basic needs of the people.

The images of government storm troopers torturing and beating it's citizens would outrage the left if it were being perpetrated by a U.S. friendly regime:

From Wizbang:

One Venezuelan blogger pointedly asked, "How many forms of torture can you count on this picture ... I count at least three: the fingers in the eyes, the breaking wrist and the humiliation of having to hold tight to your own clothes. And who knows how many others we can count, starting with the image of this armored cops and whatever they did to this kid. Amnesty International is taking notice. The numbers of government expressing their concern keeps growing."

More here (warning, graphic images).
When will the Obama Administration stand up for the human rights of Venezuelans? After thousands more are brutalized? Or, are Marxist oriented regimes exempt?

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