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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blue States In the Red

Dem states less fiscally responsible? Duh!

No, this is not a story about red states turning blue and then back again as the voters in those states realized the mistake they made in voting for Obama.

This is a story about blue states being among the worst managed when it comes to finances. That won't surprise many readers who recall that the cities which have been controlled by Democrat machines are nearly all fiscal nightmares. The reason is easy: profligate spending, poor fiscal accountability and corruption.

Political Litmus Test: Bluest States Spilling The Most Red Ink
By Neil Weinberg
Feb. 25 2010

Powerful unions, big spending put Democratic states in deepest fiscal holes.

Want to know which states are in the worst financial condition? One telling indicator that might not immediately come to mind is whether most of its citizens identify themselves as Democrats.

The five states in the worst financial condition--Illinois, New York, Connecticut, California and New Jersey--are all among the bluest of blue states. The five most fiscally fit states are more of a mix. Three--Utah, Nebraska and Texas--boast Republican majorities and two--New Hampshire and Virginia--skew Democratic.
Of the 10 states in the worst financial condition, eight are among a total of 23 defined by Gallup as "solidly Democratic," meaning the Democrats enjoy an advantage of 10 percentage points or greater in party affiliation. These states include the ones listed above as making up the bottom five, plus Massachusetts, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Not only are red states run in a more fiscally responsible manner, their residents rank highest in charitable giving. Apparently residents in blue states expect the government to meet every need and yet are consistently let down by the poor performance of the Democrats they elect to office.

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