John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama and the Dems Pulling Out All the Stops for Health Care Takeover

CODE RED: Make your voice heard NOW!

UPDATE: Forget Kucinch Switch! Costello (D-IL) a former YES vote switches to NO !

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Good news: Obama and Pelosi don't have the votes.
Bad news: They will stop at nothing to get them.

Don't be discouraged by the news that liberal Dennis Kucinich changed his stand from a no vote on the previous bill to a promise to vote yes this time around. A liberal is a liberal and Kucinich knows that the current bill is the foundation to a complete government takeover of health care. Kucinich's switch is actually good news because it signals to Blue Dog Democrats just exactly what this bill is all about.

But the White House is applying enormous pressure on wavering Dems who voted no last time around. Even going so far as to call the big donors to these Dem Congressmen and asking them to call the Congressman and threaten a cut off in funds. Combine that with the other Chicago shenanigans (and here) we know are going on behind the scenes and wavering Dems must know the risk they take in daring to vote against Pelsoi and Obama.

But these Congressmen and women need to be reminded that they owe a higher loyalty to their constitutents and the Constitution. CALL THEM! Can't get through at the main U.S. Capital number: 877-762-8762 or 202-224-3121? Call your House member's local offices. Check the contact info here for key wavering Representatives:

Can't get through to the local office? Make a sign and stand outside the office. Take a few friends with you and call your local newspaper, radio and TV station to let them know you are there. They may cover your participation at this key moment in our history!

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