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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Voters Will Remember Who Voted Yes on This Bill!

Voters will hold Congress and Obama accountable for corruption and false promises!

Voters WILL Remember!

-When health insurance premiums go up not down, voters will remember who voted for this bill.

-When taxes on the Middle Class go up to pay for this bill voters will remember who voted for it.

-When Seniors lose the Medicare Advantage program they like, they will remember who voted for this bill.

-When your employer drops the insurance coverage you like because a government subsidized plan is cheaper and you end up with substandard care you will remember who voted for this bill.

-When people with pre-existing conditions are still dying because the bill won't cover them until years after their death their families will remember who voted for this bill.

-When your family doctor retires early rather than be told how to practice medicine by the state and get paid less for it you will remember who voted for this bill.

-When the cost of this program skyrockets far above today's projections and explodes the deficit voters will remember who voted for this bill.

-When the IRS comes knocking on the door demanding we buy insurance or be fined or go to jail, voters will remember who voted for this bill.

-When the jobs promised under this bill don't materialize and instead businesses lay off workers to pay for mounting health costs voters will remember who voted for this bill.

[Visit Jane Hamsher's article at the Huffington Post for more myths about Obama Care.
Also, Investor's Business Daily editorial "Truth Is A Casualty Of The Final Push." ]

Voters Will Remember Corruption

Despite Obama's promises (haven't we learned by now how worthless those are?) many of the corrupt items Obama insisted would be fixed in the Senate bill are still there. Just as many of the GOP ideas Obama said should be included are not.

Let's be clear: A YES vote in the House of Representatives on Sunday is a vote for a corrupt process that focuses more on the bribes and deals to get a bill passed than health care for Americans.

Voters won't forget:

-A $100 million special favor to retiring Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) for a hospital in Connecticut.

-$300 million for the "Louisiana Purchase" the payoff for Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

-Exempting Union "Cadillac" health care from the same taxes those with similar plans will be forced to pay.

-$99 million for Tennessee hospitals as a payoff the vote of Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN).

-Special entitlements for Montana Asbestos sufferers, Medicaid help and a slew of new giveaways to some states and not others.

And the above list, which are included in the bill before the House, doesn't come close to the corruption and secret deals behind the scenes. Examples include a judgeship for a member of a congressman's family and the restoration of irrigation water for two congressional districts in California for Dems, but not for Republican held districts and on and on and on...

A YES vote will be a vote destroys the chance of any meaningful bipartisan solution to health care reform.

A YES vote spits in the face of the American people who have consistently made it clear they do not want this bill and would prefer to see Congress start over with a fair bipartisan approach.

Take the Pledge: I won't forget and I VOTE!

Sign this online petition to tell Obama and the Democrats you won't forget!

I Vow To Vote Against Democrats Who Vote for Obama Care

The below signed vow to do all within their power to unseat members of Congress and President Obama for forcing this health care monstrosity down our throats.

We won't forget the secret backroom deals, the corrupt process or the lack of any meaningful bipartisanship which might have led to real reform.

We won't forget the false promises about deficit reduction and lower health insurance costs.

We won't forget how Congress and the President increased the power of the IRS over our lives and forced us to buy insurance.

We pledge to do everything in our power to remove from office those who disregarded the clear will of the people expressed in poll after poll on this subject.

To those in Congress who voted for this bill and to President Obama we have only one thing to say: YOU'RE FIRED!

Sign Here.

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