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John Bolton

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bad News for Sen. Harry Reid (D)

The Senate Majority Leader may soon be expelled from office by an overwhelming majority of Nevadans!

Full story in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Harry Reid, the nastiest man to be Senate Majority Leader in decades, is about to be dethroned. Look at how weak his support is even among Democrats in Nevada. I guess this poll explains why he couldn't get more than a hundred union thugs to show up at his campaign kickoff yet Sarah Palin drew thousands to the rally to defeat him!


And if there's a Reid lover out there clinging to the hope that one poll won't spell Harry's doom, give it up. EVERY POLL in Nevada shows the same result: Bye bye Harry!

One of the sweetest victories in the coming conservative landslide will be the defeat of Harry Reid!

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