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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poll: Americans Would Dump Obama for Bush?

The result is about a tie! How long before it becomes a solid majority?

With so many polls showing Americans are eager to dump Obama (Oct 2009, Jan 2010, Feb 2010) this shouldn't come as a surprise:

Poll: Public Split On Whether They Would Prefer Obama Or George W. Bush
By Eric Kleefeld
Talking Points Memo
April 14, 2010

In yet another sign of political polarization, a new national survey from Public Policy Polling (D) finds that Americans are almost evenly divided on whether they would want to stick with President Obama -- or go back to George W. Bush.

The poll asked: "Would you rather have Barack Obama or George W. Bush as President right now?" The answer was Obama 48%, Bush 46%, within the ±3.9% margin of error. Consider what a close result this is, compared to Bush's amazingly low ratings at the end of his administration.

"George W. Bush's approval ratings were horrid his final few years in office because even a decent number of Republicans and conservative leaning independents were unhappy with him," writes PPP president Dean Debnam. "Now those folks wish they could have him back over Obama."
Why is this no surprise?

Just compare the two men:

A national hero and leader:

More great Bush moments in the Bush Thankathon archives.

An embarrassing disgrace:

Obama: "Whether we like it or not, we (United States) remain a dominant military superpower."

Is it any wonder people are putting up billboards with President Bush's picture and the question: "Miss me yet?"

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