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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Has No Show Campaign Kickoff

It's really pathetic when the Senate Majority Leader can't get more than 100 union goons to show up for his re-election kickoff!

You know they say a picture paints a thousand words. So two pictures must paint thousands more.

Compare this scene as Harry Reid kicks off his re-election bid for Senate:


If you think that photo is an unfair representation of Nevada's enthusiasm for Reid's candidacy, here's a search of more photos of the event. Find a better one if you can. The Las Vegas Journal reports that "U.S. Sen. Harry Reid launched his re-election campaign Monday with a sentimental send-off from his hometown of Searchlight, cheered on by more than 100 close supporters."

Where's ACORN? Where's SEIU? Where's the usual rent-a-mob that Dems depend on to create the false impression they represent the people? No wonder Reid is sinking in the polls.

Compare the above to the crowd of 7,000-10,000 who showed up to see Sarah Palin kick off the Showdown in Searchlight Tea Party Express to defeat Harry Reid on March 27:


And some Dems have the nerve to suggest that the Tea Party peaked with the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts? Man, are they in for a reality check in November!

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