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John Bolton

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Violent Pro Illegal Immgration Protest in Arizona

Where is Bill Clinton?

This ain't no Tea Party!

Really, where is Bill Clinton? Wasn't he lecturing us just a week ago that protests could lead to violence? Where are all the media talking heads who echoed Clinton's absurd attempt to link the Tea Partiers to violence? Yet, here's a riot started by protesters against the new law in Arizona to toughen up enforcement on illegal immigration in Phoenix on April 23. Bottles were hurled at police and threats of violence that make even the rowdiest Tea Party look like a church picnic.

You'll see the bottles thrown here, striking police officers who try to usher a lone anti-illegal immigration protester from the scene for his own safety:

The scene from overhead clearly shows a fusillade of bottles being thrown at the Police:

Once again, violent agitators of the left take to the streets breaking our laws and the silence from Democrats who condemn peaceful protests by Tea Partiers is stunning!

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