John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Liberal's Prayer: Give us this day our daily ASTROTURF

Unions bus in the rent-a-mob for pro-illegal communist May Day protest!

A Photo Commentary: Here's a sampling of the left wing freak show that took to the streets on May Day, the traditional communist holiday, to agitate for more lawbreaking in the U.S.

Astroturf anyone? This bunch in New York City bought and paid for by the May 1 Coalition. A collection of communist, union, racist groups promoting virulent anti-Americanism.

Get a clue Consuela! If you're going to protest demanding rights in the U.S.A. at least have the good sense to wave an AMERICAN flag, not a Mexican one. Methinks you might be better off going home and demanding rights there. Good luck with that!

Liars? Racists? Nazis? OH MY! But who is really LYING here about the Arizona bill? I'd say it's the people who carry such ridiculous signs. Project much?

Circus in Town? Whenever the left has a protest you know you'll see a collection of colorful characters. Looks like this guy could care less about the protest than he does just getting out for a day of fun! (I wonder whose side the bird is on?)

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