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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Obama "Will Not Rest" Until Americans Get Jobs

Photobucket Yet, he spends soooo much time golfing!

In November 2009 Obama insisted that his Administration would devote their efforts to finding work for Americans. With unemployment during that time at 10% Obama said: "I will not rest until businesses are investing again and businesses are hiring again and people have work again."

In the months that passed Obama devoted nearly all his time to passing the monstrous health care bill that is reviled by a growing majority of the American people and one which we are not suprised to learn will drive up health care costs and cause millions to lose the current coverage they now have.

On Friday, with the news that unemployment went back up to 9.9% Obama took to the microphones and promised this: "I won’t rest until you, and millions of your neighbors caught up in these storms, are able to find a good job."

Does anyone expect he'll keep his word this time? When he's not cooking up some new government takeover scheme, or bashing Republicans or racebaiting he's golfing. In fact, he's golfed more in one year than President Bush did in his eight years in office. And readers may recall how the left mocked Bush for even those few outings.

At what point does the sheer emptiness of Obama's rhetoric and the incompetence of his Administration strike a chord with the American people and cause them to take steps to end this aberration? How about on November 2, 2010?

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