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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Obama's Campaign to Divide America by Race and Class Not Working

Dem turnout for last Tuesday's primaries was record low!

The primary reason Obama and the Dems have been shouting "RACISM" at every opportunity and making transparently false connections between the Tea Parties and potential violence was to gin up anger among the liberal base and encourage them to vote in big numbers like they did in 2008. But it's not working.

If you needed further proof that after elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts that the pendulum had swung hard in the other direction away from Democrats you got confirmation with the latest round of primary voting.

Dem Turnout Falls Off A Cliff
By Reid Wilson
May 5, 2010

Turnout among Dem voters dropped precipitously in 3 statewide primaries on Tuesday, giving the party more evidence that their voters lack enthusiasm ahead of midterm elections.

In primaries in NC, IN and OH, Dems turned out at far lower rates than they have in previous comparable elections.

Just 663K OH voters cast ballots in the competitive primary between LG Lee Fisher (D) and Sec/State Jennifer Brunner (D). That number is lower than the 872K voters who turned out in '06, when neither Gov. Ted Strickland (D) nor Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) faced serious primary opponents.

Only 425K voters turned out to pick a nominee against Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC). The 14.4% turnout was smaller than the 444K voters -- or 18% of all registered Dem voters -- who turned out in '04, when Gov. Mike Easley (D) faced only a gadfly candidate in his bid to be renominated for a second term.

And in IN, just 204K Hoosiers voted for Dem House candidates, far fewer than the 357K who turned out in '02 and the 304K who turned out in '06.

By contrast, GOP turnout was up almost across the board. 373K people voted in Burr's uncompetitive primary, nearly 9% higher than the 343K who voted in the equally non-competitive primary in '04. Turnout in House races in IN rose 14.6% from '06, fueled by the competitive Senate primary, which attracted 550K voters. And 728K voters cast ballots for a GOP Sec/State nominee in Ohio, the highest-ranking statewide election with a primary; in '06, just 444K voters cast ballots in that race.

Top Dem strategists have promised to spend millions to get their voters to cast ballots, and polls show they will need to succeed in order to avoid an electoral beating. The latest weekly Gallup tracking survey shows 43% of GOPers are "very enthusiastic" about voting, while just 33% of Dems feel the same way.

Whatever happened to hope and change euphoria that sent Obama into office? It's withering in the light of reality showing exactly who and what Obama and his Dem cohorts truly are.

The American people won't be fooled a second time!

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