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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Victory Over Obama

Obama failed to divide the GOP by using Rush Limbaugh as a scapegoat!

Remember when Obama first came to Washington and tried to suck up to elite inside the beltway moderate conservatives? It was part of a two pronged strategy to divide the GOP opposition where Obama tried to peel off more centrist GOP types while bashing solid conservatives like Rush Limbaugh. Obama and his allies tried to make Rush Limbaugh the face and voice of the GOP in hopes of shaming the moderates into disowning him and causing disunity at a time when GOP morale was at an all time low.

Rush came out early on and said of Obama "I hope he fails" in his bid to remake America as a socialist state. Rush never wavered from that view. Instead, the moderate GOP types who got sucked into the Obama orbit quickly realized Rush was right.

When Obama forced through one partisan vote after another on issues like the economy and health care and now financial regulation the moderates realized they had been lied to. Obama was what Rush said he was all along: a Chicago thug liberal.

The truth about Obama is so obvious now that even liberal GOP Senator Susan Collins of Maine personally chided Obama for his divisive partisanship in a closed door meeting with GOP Senators last Tuesday.

First Chapter of New Book on Rush

In July 2008, Zev Chafets wrote an excellent feature for the New York Times called "Late Period Limbaugh" which is still available on the NYTimes web site. It was one of the few fair portrayals of Rush Limbaugh to appear in the liberal media and Chafets' positive treatment of Rush may have lead the radio talk show host to cooperate with Chafets on a new book out this week titled "Rush Limbaugh, an Army of One"

The New York Times also offers the first chapter of Chafets' book for Rush fans. That chapter closes with the gravity of Rush's decision to take on President Obama: "you don’t take on the most powerful man in the world lightly — but Limbaugh was prepared to take those risks. 'This is my destiny,' he told his audience. 'This is what I was born to do.'"

Obama made Rush the voice and face of the GOP. If things go according to plan and the GOP wins big this November, we will have Rush (and Obama) to thank for it!

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