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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Obama Golfs While the Gulf Boils in Oil!

Day 55

The Hill newspaper reports that Obama spent Sunday afternoon golfing in sweltering heat.

Meanwhile, the oil continues to gush from the sea floor and the spill is now spreading farther and farther. A massive plume of oil is now only a short distance offshore from Florida's Gulf beaches.

What's Obama doing about it? Has he issued a waiver for the Jones Act which would allow a number of foreign countries which have offered to send advanced ships to help capture the oil before it hits the beach? No. There is still no explanation from the White House as to why these offers have not been accepted.

Coastguard Sent BP a Strongly Worded Letter

Instead of taking any new action that might mitigate the nation's worst environmental disaster in history, Obama's point man, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, sent British Petroleum a letter demanding they do a better job of containing the oil within 48 hours or the Coast Guard will be really, REALLY upset with them.

Why 48 hours? Well, that timeframe matches Obama's planned two day trip to the region and a nationwide televised address Obama plans to give Tuesday night.

Well, let's hope BP's efforts to finally cap the well and stop the spill are successful and that they don't "blow it" by putting so much pressure on the cap that it breaks. But of course, if that happens Obama won't be to blame will he?

But even if BP is finally able to stem the flow (despite the fact that they plan to burn all the oil and gas sending huge amounts of pollution into the air) we still have the problem of all this oil in the Gulf headed slowly towards shore.

Will Obama on Tuesday finally lift the restrictions preventing use of advanced foreign ships to help clear the oil from the Gulf? Sadly, in so much of the Gulf it is already too late.

This disaster has gone beyond Obama's Katrina. It has become Obama's Chernobyl!

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