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Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama Puts Up Signs Warning of Dangerous Border

Does he take the problem of border security seriously?

In his June 3rd meeting with Arizona Governor Brewer President Obama promised he would send White House officials to Arizona within two weeks to see what help could be offered in the border security emergency. That long overdue meeting was finally held Monday, June 28, and Governor Brewer was underwhelmed. Out of only 1200 National Guard troops Obama authorized be made available for border security only 524 will be available at the peak of deployment for only a few months in Arizona.

Needless to say, Arizona Governor Brewer was "disappointed" with the White House response.

Brewer also released the following video further highlighting the problem. Signs less than 30 miles from the State Capitol warn citizens of danger in border region:

No doubt Obama will claim the money spent on signs was responsible for creating dozens of new jobs. Perhaps he can solve the entire unemployment problem by posting signs throughout the nation: "Warning. Incompetent Obama Administration is unable and unwilling to deal with the problem of governing!"

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