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John Bolton

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Friday, June 11, 2010

President Bush Does Facebook "Inaugural Address"

Do you miss him yet?

Bush delivers 'inaugural address' on Facebook laying out post-presidency works
By Michael O'Brien
The Hill

Former President George W. Bush took to Facebook on Thursday to update supporters on his life after leaving the White House, and promote his upcoming projects.In what the former Republican president called his "inaugural address," Bush briefly laid out his personal and charitable work post-presidency, as well as progress in building his presidential library and namesake think tank.

Former President Bush makes it a point to say he has "retired" from politics. So, you won't be hearing him respond to any of Obama's ridiculous fingerpointing. Besides, Bush has far too much class for that. But it's good to see him again and looking so well rested.

What a shame we can't bring Bush back in 2012!

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