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Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Victory Pledge: I support the Team AND the Coaches!

It's time for right thinking patriots to support the RNC and Senate and House campaign committees!

Opening the Mike's America fundraiser that keeps yours truly on the job, I released my list of the top ten (well, really eleven) GOP Senate candidates worthy of your financial support in our bid to retake the U.S. Senate in 2010. You are encouraged to donate directly to their campaigns. Soon, I'll be publishing a list of key House races necessary for us to retake control of the House of Representatives and boot Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker's Chair.

Some people feel more comfortable in contributing directly to campaigns, and independent efforts like mine, than to the Republican National Committee and it's sister campaign organizations the National Republican Congressional Campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Over the past few years those organizations have had some spectacular missteps that have alienated some donors.

But we must put all that behind us if we hope to win big in November. It's great to contribute directly to candidates. They are the key players on our team. But let's not forget the coaches. Without them, there is no overall coordination of the effort and we all know that a team made up of only quarterbacks all throwing the ball in different directions is not the way to win.

It's time to put aside our past differences with the GOP committees. I can count on one hand the number of major flubs they have had over the past years and still have fingers left over. However, the ongoing contributions they have made the past 18 months or so have been instrumental in helping us move forward in presenting a solid front opposing Obama and the Dems overreach.

As a blogger, I can tell you that I count on research from the RNC and related committees to help me inform readers about the key issues of the day. The online video ads put out by these organizations have been an invaluable part of the message we need to counter Obama.

November Starts NOW!

Yesterday, the RNC launched a new online initiative called November Starts Now. The header of this new web page states:

Barack Obama's presidency has been a disaster. He is either unwilling to or incapable of doing his job. The economy is in shambles, the government is failing, and Americans are losing hope. Barack Obama was not ready to be President. He's not the solution. You are.

You have the opportunity to turn our economy, our government, and our country around by electing Republicans and restoring your voice in Washington. But to win this fall, we must start today. It's up to you to save your country. Are you ready? Because November starts now.
Are you ready to accept the challenge or will you sit on the sidelines? Three new web ads look back at Obama's run for the presidency and chronicle why he wasn't ready for prime time. I especially like their new take on Hillary's 3 AM phone call which is similar to the popular Mike's America production from March 2009.

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (NRSC) has their own web ad and it's worth your time to view:

In addition to these ads, the NRSC is providing key support to the candidates whose campaigns we must win in order to dump Harry Reid and take control of the U.S. Senate and begin rolling back the worst of Obama's excesses.

The National Republican Congressional Campaign (NRCC) has a special online feature called GOP Code Red targeting Dems in the House of Representatives who changed their vote on health care from "no" to "yes" just in time to push Obama Care over the top. With your support, a variation of this ad will run in districts of Dems who tried to have it both ways in the health care debate but ended up supporting Obama and Pelosi.

Don't forget County and State GOP

Your county and state GOP are on the front lines of the grass roots battle we must win to begin taking back America this fall. Don't forget them. Not only do they need your money, but your county party needs your volunteer help as well. Headquarters will be opened that need volunteers to staff them and yard signs and literature need to be distributed.

This election is too important to sit on the sidelines or to let past differences block us from future success. The long road to take back America and begin restoring the damage done by Obama starts now and will take the combined and united efforts of all those on the right. Your vote isn't enough to win this fight!

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