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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Levi Johnston Apologizes to Palin's for Lying About the Family

If only this would serve as an example to the Palin haters who continue to lie about Sarah for fame and profit!

Bristol Palin's ex-boyfriend and the father of her child knew a good thing (really a bad thing) when he saw it. From his perch in Wasilla Alaska he saw firsthand how he could achieve his 15 minutes of fame on the national stage and perhaps a sizeable amount of cash by giving the Palin hating media what it wanted: DIRT on Alaska's former First Family. He dished the dirt and like so many of the other wild, unfounded Palin rumors much of the "news" media ran with it without bothering to check. What a contrast with the skepticism that the media demonstrates when charges are leveled against a Democrat like Al Gore. The standards of proof certainly are different.

But poor Levi had another lesson to learn. Once your 15 minutes of fame are all but used up and the money is no longer rolling in you are left with your conscience and whatever shard of your soiled integrity remains in tact. So, Levi is doing the right thing at last and apologizing for the lies he spread. Maybe this latest statement is just another plea for attention, but even at that, we'll take it:

Levi Johnston Apologizes to Palin Family for 'Youthful Indiscretion'
By Eunice Oh and Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
People Magazine
Tuesday July 06, 2010

Levi Johnston isn't just getting past his differences with Bristol Palin – he's also hoping to make amends with her famous mom.

"Last year, after Bristol and I broke up, I was unhappy and a little angry. Unfortunately, against my better judgment, I publicly said things about the Palins that were not completely true," he tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I have already privately apologized to Todd and Sarah. Since my statements were public, I owe it to the Palins to publicly apologize."

Don't hold your breathe waiting for the Democrat smear merchants to apologize for their Palin rumormongering. There is still too much money and fame waiting to be had and most of those Dems never had any integrity to being with.

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