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Thursday, July 15, 2010

NAACP Levels Unfounded Racism Charges at Tea Parties

Yet they refuse to denounce the open racism of their own members!

It was suggested by some that the election of Barack Hussein Obama would usher in a new era of racial healing in America. Instead the opposite has happened. Any criticism of Obama on policy is immediately denounced as racism by the racebaiters who owe their livelihood to maintaining racial animosity.

But the latest example from a once great civil rights organization is a new low. At the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's convention in Kansas City on Monday, Ben Jealous, President of the former civil rights organization makes totally false and unfounded charges of racism among Tea Partiers without the slightest evidence to back them up and calls on Tea Partiers to condemn non-existent racism. Bill O'Reilly has the following presentation. Make sure to watch Bill's guest Mark LaMont Hill repeat the same lies then suggest that it doesn't matter if the allegations aren't true:

And as far as Tea Partiers looking like what NAACP's Ben Jealous called the "genetic descendants of the White Citizens Council?" Does Ben Jealous need glasses?

And how does the NAACP treat black Tea Partiers? Pretty much like the apartheid directed at Tea Partiers by liberals in general. Sometimes it gets worse than indifference and hostility. Here's a press conference the NAACP held in St. Louis defending the beating of a black Tea Partier by the name of Kenneth Gladney:

In short, if you are black and a Tea Partier you are a traitor to your race, a "Negro" or an "Uncle Tom" just as black Republicans like Justice Thomas, Colin Powell and Condi Rice have been called house slaves, lawn jockeys and Condi caricatured as Aunt Jemima.

None of these racist acts, nor those of Obama's longtime minister and mentor Rev. Wright, himself a member of the NAACP, have been condemned by the organization.

NAACP's Goal: Distract from Obama's Failures

During the health care debate Dems used phony allegations of racism to distract public attention from the hideous bill they were set to force down America's throat. Now, with joblessness at record highs, a weak economy and a totally incompetent federal response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Democrats trot out the race card once again.

But like the boy who cried wolf once too often the racebaiters have been exposed for the liars they are. Sadly, the damage they are doing to race relations in this country will take many years to repair. And that can only begin to happen when the cause of this racebaiting is removed from the White House!

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