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Friday, July 09, 2010

Obama: "A Lecture on Sobriety" From Drunk Republicans?

Is this the pot calling the kettle black again?

Obama is on the campaign trail this week. After a recent swing in California for Barbara Boxer, who later began to slide downward in the polls, he went off to help Robin Carnahan in Missouri who had to cut the top price ticket at the fundraiser Obama headlined from $250 to $99. Carnahan is behind in every recent poll against Roy Blunt.

Next, Obama was off to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Las Vegas, a city which hasn't been as welcoming as it might considering how he repeatedly told people not to go there and spend money. The editorial in the Las Vegas Review Journal pointed out that the current unemployment rate in the city is 14% and sent this message to Obama:"Your economic policies suck."

Obama Attack Dog Rhetoric

In both the Missouri speech and in Nevada Obama trotted out the tired old attack phrases he has used repeatedly to try and distract attention from his own incompetence and failed economic policies.

Here's an excerpt from the Nevada speech:

OBAMA: When [Republicans] start intoning about how “we care so much about the deficit and debt,” and “we’re tired of this out-of-control government spending” -- look, these are the folks who delivered to you a structural debt -- deficits that broke the record; turned record surpluses into record deficits. So this is like a lecture on sobriety from folks who had been spending money like drunken sailors. (Laughter.) You don't want to put them in charge. (Applause.) You definitely don't want to put them behind the wheel! (Applause.) Given their track record, they’ve been weaving on the road when it comes to fiscal responsibility! That's part of the reason they drove us into the ditch! Don't give them the keys back!
Who is he kidding? Obama is the biggest spender OF ALL TIME!


Blaming Republicans for the nation's problems when his party has full control of both houses of Congress isn't the smartest long term strategy. Neither are the constant political attacks. Writing at Politico, Keith Koffler reminds us:
President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 to unite the country, transform Washington and inspire Republicans and Democrats to work together. Now he looks more like a typical partisan pol, battering the opposite party with the kind of vitriol almost never displayed by the man he was sent to replace, former President George W. Bush.

Obama may put some short-term points on the board by reverting to classic political meanness. But by repudiating the mantle of change he was given, he is undermining his own raison d’etre.

The president was elected not because he would to try to change Washington, but because he actually would change Washington. Obama’s message was that he, uniquely, because of his outsider status and his implacable devotion to change, was the one to do it. That message turns out to be false.
Obama's very political tone and his desperate turn to please his extreme left wing base is driving independents away even faster than before. The latest Gallup analysis shows that Obama's job approval among independents has slid a further ten points since last November's election in which GOP gubernatorial candidates Chris Christie in New Jersey and Bob McConnell in Virginia were so successful. This was followed by the Miracle in Massachusetts with the election of Senator Scott Brown.

Obama is walking into what Dick Morris calls a "Left Wing Spiral Trap...The further Obama moves to the left, the more he has to move to the left. And the worse it is for his ability to control Congress."

Obama has failed to win any of the high profile elections in which he staked his flag. Let's hope that his latest efforts in California, Missouri and Nevada meet the same fate.

How you can help defeat Obama: Visit my top ten GOP Senate target list and make a contribution to your favorite candidate. If you feel so inclined, drop a dime in the Mike's America box as well!

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