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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Winning the Senate in 2010

The following is part of the fundraiser for good blogging at Mike's America.
It's an uphill fight but your contribution to candidates may make the difference!

There's a good chance the GOP will retake the House of Representatives this year and I'll have more on those races later. As much as we all would like to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dethroned from the Speaker's Chair, without booting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)out of the Majority Leader's office in the Senate our efforts to begin reigning in and rolling back the worst of Obama's excesses will be all the more difficult.

Most political analysts say that the GOP has a good chance to pick up eight seats in the Senate in 2010. But to retake control of the Senate we need to win ten. That means we must win not only all of our safe and strong Republican leaning seats but also sweep the field of vulnerable Dem seats, including that of Harry Reid in Nevada. It's tough, but doable and what may make the difference is your financial contribution that will give these candidates the ammunition they need to compete against Democrats who are well funded by their labor union and other big money special interests.

Below is my list of targeted races in order of importance and the need for funds. The target list may change as primaries in Colorado, New Hampshire Washington state and Wisconsin have not yet been held.

Links to candidate web sites will take you to their page for donations:

Mike's America Top Ten Candidates to Take Back the Senate in 2010!

Photobucket1. Sharron Angle can Dump Harry Reid!

A former Nevada State Rep. who came out of nowhere to defeat better known challengers in the GOP primary, Ms. Angle is taking on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who, according to the polls at Real Clear Politics (RCP), is very vulnerable. It might be the best $50 you have ever spent by making a contribution to help Angle defeat the sour-faced Reid.

Angle will be a solid conservative voice in the Senate!

Photobucket2. Marco Rubio: A Rising Conservative Star for Florida!

The meteoric rise of former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio isn't hard to understand. He speaks of American exceptionalism from the background of his Cuban immigrant family in tones that are Reaganesque. Have you seen his speech at CPAC last winter?

While Governor Charlie Crist, who recently abandoned the GOP to run as an Independent, has embraced Obama, Rubio will be a solid vote to restore sanity in Washington. But he'll need your help (RCP polls), so contribute here.

Photobucket3.It's Time for Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania voters may have dumped turncoat Arlen Specter in the recent Dem primary, but that doesn't mean PA voters are in the clear. Dems nominated Joe Sestak, who is ensnared in the Obama corruption scandal with a White House offer to get Sestak out of the race. Fortunately, Pat Toomey, former GOP congressman and a solid conservative voice is up for the fight. The latest RCP poll roundup gives him a great shot. Help Tommey make it across the finish line.

Photobucket4. Rob Portman for Ohio!

Portman (bio) is a former Congressman from Ohio who served as U.S. Trade Representative and also as Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Bush Administration. Recognized as a "deficit hawk" he made his mark by proposing a balanced budget, fighting irresponsible earmarks, and putting in place new transparency for all federal spending. The deficit was cut in half during his tenure to less than one tenth the size of this year’s deficit.

We need his leadership and experience to restore fiscal sanity in Washington. Latest polls show it's going to be a close race. Your contribution could make the difference!

Photobucket5. Wisconsin: Johnson to beat Feingold!

The Wisconsin primary won't be held until September 14th but the smart money is on newcomer Ron Johnson. In the RCP polling roundup, Johnson looks well placed to unseat longtime liberal incumbent Russ Feingold.

In May, columnist George Will profiled Johnson. A former businessman he's the kind of conservative who can return common sense founded on a commitment to liberty to Washington. Visit Johnson's web site and get on board!

Photobucket6. Dino Rossi for Washington State!

While the Washington state primary isn't until August 17th, I'll put my money on Dino Rossi (latest polls). Rossi was cheated out of a victory in the governor's race in 2004 but continues to be a well known figure in the state. His opponent, Patty Murray, has not distinguished herself in the U.S. Senate. A win here is essential to retake the Senate, so drop some dimes in Dino's donation box!

Photobucket 7. Recycle Boxer in California with Carly Fiorina!

If you are as tired of California Senator Barbara Boxer as I am (remember her "call me Senator" order to a General?) then show your love for Carly Fiorina. It's going to be a tough fight with the latest RCP polls showing Boxer with an edge. Fiorina (bio), former Chairman and CEO of Hewlett Packard, one of America's most successful high tech companies, has the business smarts that are so lacking in the U.S. Senate. Carly also has her own personal fortune, but it's going to take more than that to unseat the Boxer Hydra from California. Give Carly your thumbs up with a contribution by clicking here.

Photobucket8. Mark Kirk to Take Obama's Illinois Senate Seat!

What better way to send a signal to Obama that his time is up than to send a Republican from Illinois to take over his old Senate seat?

Kirk has a good early lead over Democrat Alexi Giannoulias who has multiple ties to the same corrupt Chicago machine that gave us Obama, Rahm Emanuel and indicted former Governor Rob Blagojevitch. Taking back America from this Chicago thugocracy will take place one state at at time. Help take back Illinois by contributing to Kirk today!

9. Open Season in Colorado!

Colorado is a must win if we are to retake the Senate. Contrasting GOP candidates, Tea Party favorite Ken Buck and former Lt. Governor Jane Norton are duking it out in the primary which takes place August 10. Polls show Buck with the current lead.

Democrats are having their own close contest between Michael Bennet who was appointed to the Senate when Ken Salazar became Secretary of the Interior. Bennet is backed by Obama and the challenger, Andrew Romanoff is endorsed by former President Bill Clinton. Either of these would be vulnerable in the fall election.

Tie for 10th Place!
Both Roy Blunt in Missouri and Richard Burr of North Carolina hold similar slight leads over their challengers.

Photobucket10.Roy Blunt for Missouri!

Blunt currently represents the 7th Congressional District of Missouri, a solid conservative belt in the southwest part of the state. Blunt is a former House GOP whip.

Blunt is currently holding a single digit lead over challenger Robin Carnahan. He deserves your support.


10. Return Richard Burr in North Carolina!

Ranked by the American Conservative Union with a perfect 100 score for casting conservative votes Burr is in a close race in North Carolina. Like Blunt above, his lead is in single digits in most polls.

We can't afford to lose even one of our GOP incumbents. And if you are looking for a solid conservative worth your support, you've found him.
If you make only one donation from this list today, make it to Sharron Angle in Nevada. Getting rid of Harry Reid might be the best $50-$100 you ever spent!

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