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Monday, August 02, 2010

GOP House Members to Preview Fall Election Program in August Recess

Look for a Town Hall meeting in your area!

Last year's August recess didn't go well for Democrats. They went home to try and sell Obama Care to their constituents and instead got an earful in meeting after meeting. I doubt we will see the same intensity on display this year as I doubt many Democrats will be holding large public meetings with their constituents.

Republicans don't have to hide.

In House GOP Leader John Boehner's interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Wallace brought up the outline of House GOP plans for this summer's recess. The booklet "Tread Boldly -- Solutions, Hard Work and No Regrets" put together by House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence, is available to readers by clicking here for the PDF.

The document reads like a preview for the fall election. Top issues Republicans will stress during this break include:

 Washington Democrats are poised to allow the largest tax increase in American history to take effect next year. It could be a $3.8 trillion increase, and will increase taxes in every bracket.

 The president’s stimulus bill remains a failure 17 months after it passed. Since it was signed into law, the economy lost about 3 million jobs (2.4 million net loss).

 Unemployment was at 9.5% nationally for June, nearly 15 million Americans are out of work, and Democrats in Washington are out of ideas. The July unemployment report is due out on August 6.

 Since taking office, President Obama has spent more than $6.1 trillion in 18months. At $333 billion per month, that is more than twice the amount spent during the first two years of the George W. Bush administration.

 Despite the exploding deficit, House Democrats failed to propose a budget.

 The president’s new financial services legislation sets up a permanent bailout

 The financial services law is another example of his permanent government expansion agenda. Already, two federal agencies have signaled that it will cause them to hire more than 1,500 new government regulators to oversee the financial sector.

 On foreign policy, the Obama Administration continues to break with history by seeking to engage with enemies while bullying friends.

 House Republicans will fight to repeal ObamaCare and work on reforms that will lower the cost of health care.

 Washington Democrats’ climate legislation will result in a job-killing national energy tax paid for by families, manufacturers and small businesses.

The booklet advises members to encourage their constituents to participate in the "America Speaking Out" program which invites citizens to voice their concerns on a range of issues. Greater detail is provided on jobs, national security, government reform, spending restraint and health care.

It's a handy document for anyone who plans to be involved in this fall's campaign and wants a ready reference on the hottest issues.

"Tread Boldly" is yet another example of the kind of thorough work being done on your behalf by our GOP leaders in Congress. You can support their efforts by a contribution to GOP candidates this fall, but also to the GOP committees whose job it is to get more Republicans elected to the Congress and Senate.

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