John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, August 12, 2010

July Deficit a WHOPPING $165 BILLION!

And that's not even Obama's record for one month!

On August 11th we learned that the federal deficit for the month of July, 2010 was a whopping $160 billion. But that's not even a record. The record deficit for a single month was last July at $180 billion.

Somehow, I expect that Obama will blame this fiscal insanity on former President Bush or that I will be attacked as a racist for bringing the matter to your attention.

Obama titled his first budget "A New Era of Responsibility." A month ago he lectured Republicans for spending like drunken sailors. Obama's continued posturing on this issue would be funny if the consequences of his fiscal irresponsibility and incompetence were not so serious.

Unchecked and wasteful federal spending, much of it directed to rewarding Obama's liberal base (it certainly hasn't created 3 million jobs) has created a situation where the most massive federal deficits of all time threaten our future economic prosperity and freedom.

Obama's solution to the fiscal nightmare HE created will be to tax us even more at a time when most economists agree that would hamper economic recovery and job growth.

There's only one solution to this mess: If you want to restore fiscal sanity in Washington, your only option is to vote Republican this November!

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