Trump Jamboree

Trump Jamboree

For eight long years the world watched as U.S. leadership retreated and the bad guys grew stronger.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama: Are You Still Listening to Me?

Technical difficulties in remarks to the press highlight Obama's biggest problem: No one believes him anymore...

In remarks today in the White House Rose Garden where President Obama once again blames the Republicans and former President Bush for our economic woes, a strange thing happens. Problems with the microphone lead him to ask ""Can You Guys Still Hear Us?" Full story at Political Punch on ABC

Obama has to realize by now that even when the microphones are working perfectly, and the teleprompter he's reading from doesn't crash to the floor and shatter [video] the words he eventually utters have lost their magic with the American people.

The man has been exposed repeatedly as an empty suit or worse. And don't say you heard it here first!

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