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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congressional Dem Candidates Hide From Voters

Either they are running from Obama or staying silent on the issues. Voters must insist they go on the record before election day!

Readers may recall that great GOP ad which came out in August lampooning Obama and showing Dems fleeing from Air Force One to escape any association with his disastrous presidency.  The serious side of that came with the news that Democrats across the country were claiming to be "independent" not even mentioning they are Democrats and claiming to be fiscal conservatives. Of course their voting records showed that most voted  9 times out of 10 with Pelosi and Obama.

One Democrat in North Dakota is so desperate to distance himself from Obama he starts his latest campaign ad with a picture of President Bush and bragging about how he supported Bush on an issue.

Rob Miller in SC-2 Hiding from Voter Accountability!

Then there are the candidates who are so in the pocket of Nancy Pelosi and big liberal groups like Moveon.org that they cannot with a straight face claim to be independent or fiscally conservative. Their campaign tactic is to hide from the voters and hope we don't notice. But we do.

In the 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina (Mike's America's own) our Congressman Joe Wilson (R) (campaign web site) has been very upfront and accessible to voters. His opponent, Rob Miller, is running some sort of stealth campaign, hoping to hide his connections to Pelosi and Moveon and refusing to answer the very legitimate questions posed to him by the voters of the Second District.

Because Miller won't answer the voter's questions, a new web site has been set up called Ask Joe Miller. It contains a series of videos of voters asking the questions that need answers. The bottom line for me was the last video:

Every Democrat running for Congress needs to answer this question: Would you vote to return Pelosi to the Speaker's Chair?

Democrats across the country are attempting to hide who and what they really are from the voters. Voters may have been fooled by Obama in 2008. They are not going to make that mistake again. Hold Dems accountable to the truth!

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