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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Democrats Using Phony Ethics Charge to Attack Cong. Joe Wilson

Just goes to show you that the Dems haven't got anything substantive to oppose GOP candidates!

We knew that this election year would take campaign sleaze by Democrats to a new level. They can't talk about their accomplishments like passing health care or their failure to create jobs and revive the economy. And they certainly don't want to talk about their big unions bailouts and massive spending which have voters madder than ever.

So what do they do? They resort to the same slime politics that Obama said he would put an end to if elected!

The latest is the attack on Congressman Joe "You Lie" Wilson (R-SC). The Dems are trying to smear Joe with a trumped up ethics charge because they complain he spent $10 out of his $13 daily expense allowance on a trip to Afghanistan on marble goblets to give to Afghan veterans and their families back home.

The Wall Street Journal has the story and Joe Wilson's campaign web site provides their answer.

With all the real sleaze in Washington and the corruption we all see which is costing the U.S. taxpayer $TRILLIONS, it's absurd to go after Joe Wilson for $10 in trinkets. But it just shows how petty Democrats have become.

As I said after attending the opening of Joe's local campaign headquarters: " I am proud to say I wholeheartedly support" Joe. He's a true American patriot, a solid conservative and his campaign deserves your support. Click here to visit his campaign web site and make a donation today!

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