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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mexico: A Border Fence for Me, but Not for Thee!

Mexico building a fence on it's border with Guatemala to keep out migrants!

In 2007  Mexican President Felipe Calderon criticized the planned U.S. border fence designed to stem illegal immigration, saying countries should be "building bridges, not fences." Isn't it odd then that along the river Suchiate which divides Mexico from Guatemala, the Mexicans are building a fence instead of bridges?

Remember also that President Calderon had called the U.S. border fence  "medieval" and would damage the environment and compared it to the evil of the Berlin Wall.

In May 2010, Calderon visited the White House and complained about Arizona's immigration law while declaring that:
“Criminalizing immigration, which is a social economic phenomena, this way opens the door to intolerance, hate, and discrimination. My government cannot and will not remain indifferent when these kinds of policies go against human rights.”
Well, we all know how Mexico treats illegal immigrants caught in it's country. So much for human rights. Next time Calderon visits this country, would it be too much to expect that a reporter asks him about Mexico's wall and it's impact on human rights and the environment?

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